The study of the face

In the aesthetics sector, the total practice of professionals is in agreement that the study of the face is a determining factor when establishing guidelines for all types of treatments and allows specialists to visualize a final result according to each client and in harmony with his facial features. Visagismo (of the French Visage, face) is the word that is used to denominate the study of the factions of the face. From make-up artists and stylists to plastic surgeons, many professionals in the sector have become familiar with Visagismo during their training and use it as a guide for their work. Of course, the hair micropigmentation specialists also use it.


It was the stylist Jean Julliard who defined the term Visagismo and established the foundations of it. Not only he analyzed the shape, lines and volumes of different types of face to classify them according to their shape and geometry. He also divided the face into three different parts.
The intellectual zone, which goes from the hairline to the base of the eyebrow, the affective area, from the base of the eyebrow to the base of the nose and the sensitive zone that goes from the tip of the nose to the chin.Julliard even developed a canon of perfect distances of the face based on imaginary lines that join specific points of eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips.

The most important

For technicians in capillary micropigmentation, the study of the face is important especially to determine the position and type of frontal line of each treatment, but also it is to choose the tonality of the pigments that are going to be used and how broad it will be the tonal range.

The physical improvement

After listening to hundreds of testimonies from people who have undergone the hair micropigmentation treatment, it is easy to see that most of them agree that the physical improvement due to it is not due exclusively to the illusion of hair existence and abundance, but also to the renewed proportions of the face after the treatment. Seeing your face in a frame again is a very positive aspect for our clients so in Aldemar Campos Micropigmentation we make sure that this frame fits perfectly to each person. After agreeing what style and line shape is desired, the specialist is responsible for creating a set in harmony with the rest of facial features.

The naturalness

By choosing the team of Aldemar Campos as their specialists to perform a hair micropigmentation treatment, our clients have the guarantee that the naturalness of the same will be total when framing their face proportionally to their features..

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