What is capillary micropigmentation?

It is an advanced technique in capillary solutions that consists in imitating, copying or restoring the growing hair follicles in areas where there are none using natural and hypoallergenic pigments. Achieving a natural and realistic appearance of a shaved or buzzed effect.


The premature loss of hair in both men and women affects the mood, self-esteem and confidence of those affected. Thanks to the technique of Capillary Micropigmentation and the methods developed by Aldemar Campos and his years of experience, we were able to recover the natural and younger aspect of the patient, causing improvements in his mood with immediate results and the highest quality of the market.

Why do it?

Because it offers immediate results without any medications or risky procedures. Because we managed to recover in its entirety the appearance of a natural shaved or buzzed hair. Because having an appearance that makes us feel happier transmits confidence which is reflected in our actions, gestures and our daily life.

The Technique of Aldemar Campos
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Year after year the technique has been perfected, reaching the best results in the market. Our method is considered the treatment with the best existing finishing touches in this genre worldwide since we manage to return the natural appearance of a shaved or buzzed look.

What makes us different

Our goal is to offer our clients a personalized and unique service, providing quality and fast attention. The results that we offer differs from those that can be observed in other companies. We offer quality, naturality, immediate results and different locations in various parts of the world where our patients can perform their treatments.
For all types of alopecia
The treatment is adapted to all types of alopecia such as alopecia areata, universal or partial.
No need to cut or shave the hair
For those people who have not lost all their hair giving a more dense appearance in those areas that have been affected by some type of alopecia, without the need to shave or cut existing hair.
The scars caused by hair transplant, accidents or scars from birth can be camouflaged with our technique achieving camouflage results that range between 65% and 85%.
Reconstruction of frontal or lateral line
For those people who only need to rebuild these specific areas the pigment mixes and fades with their existing hair getting a natural appearance
100% Professionals
In addition to quality our work is guaranteed, we work under the current regulations, we have all the sanitary permits and the corresponding sanitary hygienic diplomas.
100% Confidential
The treatment is 100% confidential and is carried out safeguarding the privacy and anonymity of our clients.

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