Training courses with Aldemar Campos

Aldemar Campos is a specialist in the technique of capillary micropigmentation, he is recognized worldwide for being a crucial influence on the development of the scalp micropigmentation technique.
Aldemar's experience began in 2009 in England when he joined the company called His Hair Clinic, quickly becoming the main technician advising and supervising other members of the team of this renowned company.In 2012, Aldemar decided to look for new challenges and moved to Spain, opening his own Capillary Micropigmentation Center, in which he has worked with more than 7,000 clients from all over the world.

Exclusive Master Class

Aldemar Campos offers training courses in his exclusive Master Class of capillary micropigmentation with a duration of five days. The classes are totally dynamic with a balance between theory and practice. The program includes practices from the first contact with your client until the completion of the treatment. Students will learn to recognize and treat different types of alopecia and skin conditions. The program includes practices to improve motor coordination, allowing the student to obtain security to create perfect dots, natural frontal lines and the creation of density effects for the perfect 3D shaved look.

Training program

Working together
We will study the theory of color and how to make the perfect mixture of pigments to match the skin and the color of the patient's hair.
The student will be able to observe Aldemar working live with different clients while explaining how to perform a first, second and third session, the student will also have the opportunity to work with their own models.
Certificate of participation
After having successfully completed the Master class, the student will receive a certificate of participation to start a great career in the promising industry of hair micropigmentation.
Own models
The students must bring their own models to perform the treatment under the supervision of Aldemar.
The program
Training program:
The industry of hair loss and treatments available.
Hair micropigmentation as a business opportunity.
The psychological factor: understanding the client and fulfilling his expectations.
Pathologies of the capillary skin.
How to work with different types of alopecia.
Types of scars.
Techniques for the management of scars.
Management of capillary micropigmentation with hair transplants.
Development of motor coordination controlling your hand.
Understanding the proportions of faces and heads: symmetries and asymmetries.
Techniques and practices of pointillism.
How to create perfect dots that look like real follicles.
Creation and design of perfect front lines.
The correct pressure of the needle: how to proceed with the pigment injection.
How to create and mix dots with the hair on the sides and crown.
The density: theory and techniques.
How to create and equalize existing hair density.
How to create a perfect 3D shaved effect look.
Understanding and working with the Norwich Hamilton scale.
Theory of colors.
The perfect combination of pigments.
How to mix pigments according to skin tone and hair color.
How to plan a complete treatment of capillary micropigmentation in several sessions.
How to handle retouching and changes.
Care of the skin before and after treatment.
Customer service before and after treatment.
How to sell the treatment.
How much to charge for your services.
Sanitation: waste treatment.
Hygienic measures.
Personal protection and security.
Ergonomics: best practices.

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