Hair line

When starting a Micropigmentation treatment, the first step is always the design of the front line. At this stage, both the technician and the client must agree on what they both believe to be most suitable line, in order preserve the naturalness of the treatment so that it is completely successful.

The design of the front line

The team at Aldemar Campos Micropigmentation know that the design of the front line is one of the aspects that are most concerning and that it worries those who are about to have the treatment done. For that reason it is normal in the first session that the micropigmentation specialist will take his time drawing and adjusting the front line until both the specialist and the client come to an agreement of the most appropriate design.

Our advice

Our advice is to stick to the original hairline of the client at all times. The new line should be created in a way that it is practically identical to the one the client used to have before the the present alopecia advanced. The extensive experience of Aldemar Campos and his knowledge about the physiognomy of the face, allows him to make certain adjustments to the original front line depending on the case, although it is not usual in his works. Once both the shape and the position of the front line are already established, it is time to decide what type of finish it is desired to give to front line. There is a general consensus in the micropigmentation industry of three types of hairline: Broken line, faded line and defined line.

The broken line

The broken line or jagged hairline is the most common line and the one that works best in most cases. The effect tries to imitate the real birth pattern of the hair and is achieved by randomly placing scattered points along the designed line, right below it. Sometimes Aldemar Campos advises to "break" the line more aggressively to subtract linear aspect while at the same time maintaining an impression of density in the treatment.

Faded lines

Faded lines (or feathered hairline) are becoming increasingly sought after. The reason is that they make the treatment even more imperceptible. They are ideal for fair skins and people who do not look for too much density, but rather to lightly frame their face and get the appearance of a light degree of alopecia. When it comes to this type of line, the micropigmentation specialist gradually refines the point while increasingly diluting the pigment, to achieve a lighter tone as it approaches the front line. At Aldemar Campos Micropigmentation, we reccomend the faded line to all those individuals who want a subtle treatment and that the change in their appearance is not too evident.

The defined line

The defined line or edge-up hairline is only suitable for certain people, but there are times when the style adapts very well to the profile of the individual and the micropigmentation treatment looks totally natural in addition to providing a current and youthful image.
Whatever the front line style that the client demands, Aldemar Campos will always put the “natural look factor” before any other aspect of the treatment, keeping in mind that the purpose of the treatment is above all to free oneself from complexes and to leave behind the stress caused by hair loss.

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