22 November, 2020


 This is a topic that scalp micropigmentation specialists have been discussing for many years, but it was not until a few months ago that the possibility […]
4 May, 2020

Aldemar Campos Micropigmentation will open 4 may

We will open from the 04 May, 2020. The health and safety of our clients and the Aldemar Campos Micropigmentation team is paramount. We follow the […]
16 March, 2020

The study of the face

In the aesthetics sector, the total practice of professionals is in agreement that the study of the face is a determining factor when establishing guidelines for […]
7 March, 2020

Hairline Masterclass

The first step When starting a Micropigmentation treatment, the first step is always the design of the front line. At this stage, both the technician and […]
20 February, 2020

Micropigmentation vs tattoo

The beginning In its beginnings, more than a decade ago, Capillary Micropigmentation caused a great impact on an audience accustomed to more conventional treatments (and of […]
9 February, 2020

The blending

Blending, from English to blend, a term whose meaning is to mix or combine several elements to get a single product. What is blending? In order […]
6 August, 2018
cómo proteger la micropigmentación de los rayos ultravioletas

Why is sun radiation harmful for Micropigmentation treatment?

Over the past few weeks we have seen some of the many publicity campaigns that warn of how damaging continuous exposure to the sun can be […]
13 June, 2018
Aldemar Campos pionero de la micropigmentación capilar en España

News horizons

The fact that we are pioneers in the scalp micropigmentation technique in Spain has led our team to feel committed to maintain a leading edge and […]
1 June, 2018
Máquinas cortapelos ideales para diferentes grados de alopecia

Shaving opcions

Although many of our customers come to us with their usual shaving habits and do not need to change it at all after the scalp micropigmentation […]
30 March, 2018
Aldemar Campos su trayectoria y experiencia

The Aldemar Campos name

Some time ago in this same blog, we posted an article about the career of Aldemar Campos as a scalp micropigmentation professional. It talks about how […]
29 August, 2017
expectativas no reales de la micropigmentación capilar con Aldemar Campos

Red flag!

Aldemar Campos Micropigmentation team think we are committed to talk about a fairly sensitive subject that is not discussed very often in hair loss related internet […]
19 June, 2017
expertos en micropigmentación capilar Aldemar Campos

Hi everyone!

Due to the increasing number of foreign clients who are getting their SMP treatment done with us, we found very interesting the idea of publishing some […]