Aldemar Campos

Specialist in the technique of capillary micropigmentation, recognized worldwide for his influence on the development of this technique.

Career path

Aldemar Campos studied Industrial Designer at the Autonomous University in Bogotá. From his beginnings to the present Aldemar Campos has worked with more than 7.000 clients from all over the world and has participated in different media such as TV, radio, print and digital media such as:

The excellence

More than 10 years working on Scalp Micropigmentation. The headquarters of the company Aldemar Campos have positioned themselves as the best in their area in the different countries and cities in which they have been established; today they have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bogotá and Brazil.

Nominations for prizes and interviews

World Scalp Micropigmentation awards: Artist of the year in Europe, also he participates every year like speaker. In 2017 he was interview on Radio online Colombia, he participates in IFEMA lounge magazines. His videos on platforms like Youtube surpass million views. He was interview in TV channel one. From 2016 onwards he has been invited every year to participate in the fair of the look in Spain IFEMA (International exhibition of the image and integral aesthetics) In 2015 he is invited as a Lecturer in Unternehmenssitz MT.DERM GmbH . Gustav- Krone Str Berlin, Germany
  • 2020. America

    En 2020 Aldemar Campos is going to open a new Headquarter in Botogá (Colombia).
  • 2019. Madrid

    Renew your new Scalp Micropigmentation center in Madrid.
  • 2013. Spain

    Aldemar decided to look for new challenges and moved to Spain where he opened his own capillary Micropigmentation center.
  • 2010-2012. New York

    Aldemar Campos was manager of the opening of the New York headquarters of His Hair Clinic.
  • 2007-2010. London

    Aldemar Campos meets in England one of the pioneers in the technique of Capillary Micropigmentation who invites him to work at his company His Hair Clinic at the headquarters located in London High Street, becoming a Technical Manager and main specialist .
  • 2003-2006. Birmingham

    He discovered scalp micropigmentation and began his training. while he worked like Industrial designer in the company Forma Design.

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